Pan Am Games

September 3, 2011


World Championships did not go as well as I wanted but my season is far from over.  I have the Diamond League Final in Brussels, Belgium on September 16th, which I am currently in 3rd place in the Diamond Race, the final meet is worth double points.  Then at the end of October we have the Pan Am Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.  We only have the Pan Am’s every four years and this is going to be my 3rd Pan Am team.  It will be another honor to wear the United States of America uniform and represent my country.

The photo is the Pan Am track under construction.  We still don’t know if its ready yet.


September 3, 2011


During my years being involved in athletics I have been taught that it is important to stay hydrated.  I remember my 1st Olympic team in 1996 seeing signs on the wall in the training room if your pee is this color drink more, and I remember laughing, thinking why do you care about the color of my pee? Until recently I didn’t really pay attention to what it meant to be hydrated and how to know if I was properly hydrated.  In my quest to be healthier, which has been several years of making dietary changes. Now, I am taking a closer look at WATER.  This blog is going to be the 1st of many on the topic of water. Below I have a couple of links, one to watch a 1 hour documentary and another for their official website.  I encourage you to watch the movie and then comment on this blog and let me know what changes you are going to make for a healthier you and planet.

Click here to watch the movie Tapped

Visit Tapped The Movie Official Website

I am no longer going to buy bottled drinks in a plastic container.  I will be more diligent about using my reusable bottle and for travel I have a stainless steel bottle with a filter in it.