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My 2012 season is officially underway.  I don’t normally start my season until April. It’s currently summer in Australia and they have a series of meets in February and March because they’re gearing up for there Olympic Trials which are in 2 weeks.  I was privileged to be invited to participate in 2 of the meets, Perth and Sydney Australia.  After 39 hours of travel I arrived in Perth to a beachside hotel reminding me of Maui, HI it was very beautiful.  Athletics Australia were great host and made sure we got to see some sights while on the road.  We were invited to a cricket match and got to sit in a VIP box and have lunch.  It was a great experience and I learned a lot about the rules of cricket, similar to American baseball.

The Perth meet was 1st on my trip.  We had a great crowd and a strong field of women discus throwers.  The 2008 Olympic champion, Stephanie Brown-Trafton of the USA, the 2009 World Champion Dani Samuels of Australia and other top Australian athletes were in attendance.  We had a close competition.

After Perth we took a 5 hour plane ride to Sydney, Australia.  We stayed in the Olympic park that was built for the Sydney Olympics in 2000.  The facilities were all top notch and we were within walking distance to all them which was really convenient and great for training.  I had a great time seeing the sites of Sydney, Bondi Beach, the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.  The best part of the trip for me was going to a luncheon the day before the meet.  We had lunch at a spot under the Harbor bridge, with a fabulous view of the Harbor.  I was able to sit with 2 famous women athletes that competed  in the 1940-60’s, Marlene Matthews Australian sprinter and Betty Moore English hurdler and long time resident of Australia.  The stories they told me about the struggles of their time as pioneering athletes were very inspiring.

We had another close competition in the Sydney meet as well.  I have linked results for both meets below.  I was excited to have 2 meets over 60 meters in the month of February.    Now I am home and preparing for the upcoming Olympic Trials in June and the olympic Games in August.  My next meets will begin in April.

Perth Results

Sydney Results




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  1. Susan Hill on February 21st, 2012 6:54 pm

    Very nicely written story. Is there a link to the women that you refer to in your story from the 1940’s through the 1960’s?

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