My Bio

Aretha Hill Thurmond Gold Medal in Sweden 2006 Aretha (Hill) Thurmond picked up a discus for the first time in the spring of 1991. She was barely 14 years old. By the end of that first track season, she had developed a passion for throwing. She developed a passion for something else too, winning. She took second at state that first year. She was disappointed and set a goal to take first. She took first for the next three years and broke her own state record in her senior year.

Aretha was blessed with a track and field scholarship to the University of Washington. In her sophomore year, she earned a berth on the United States Olympic Team. It sparked a dream in her that matched the passion for throwing she had developed in high school. Aretha’s Olympic dream includes a medal for the United States of America.

Aretha’s passion for throwing has inspired her to follow her dream. After graduation from college, she moved to Tennessee and then to Auburn, Alabama to train full time. She is fully committed to medaling at the Olympics before she concludes her throwing career.

Aretha gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Devon Theopplis Thurmond (Theo), on June 4, 2007. She is devoted to nurturing Theo and readily accepts the simultaneous challenges of motherhood and training to be a world class thrower. She competed at the USA Outdoor Nationals when he was only 18 days old. He is growing rapidly and has already traveled to Kentucky, New Zealand, and Australia to watch his mother compete this season. His passport is ready for new stamps.