Happy Birthday in Beijing

August 15, 2008

flowersfront.jpgOne of the best things about competing in a summer sport and having a summer birthday is I get to celebrate around the world.  With a 14 hour timezone difference I was able to celebrate for 2 days.  While it was August 14th Beijing it was still August 13th back home.  I have told some teammates that I am going to celebrate all week because I have my 1st round of competition on the 15th and then the 2nd round on the 18th.

When I got back to my room from practice I was surprised with a beautiful bouquet a roses and a bath and body works bath set, from my friend Kristin Heaston.  Now my room looks good and I smell good too.  Lots of athletes and staff sang happy birthday songs through out the day.  Watch the video of Amber Campbell (USA Hammer Throw) we were jammin’ on that one.  I was later surprised with cupcakes from two of our team doctors Ross Flowers and Monique Burton and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I got another bouquet of flowers from BOCOG (The Beijing Olympic Committee Organization Government).

When I checked my email I had birthday wishes from family and friends back home.  I feel like this is the birthday that never ends.  One of the Olympic coaches said it best, “you are blessed”.

bday1.jpg     bday2.jpg

USA Track and Field Training Camp

August 7, 2008

camp-front.jpgOur Training camp has been awesome.  Our staff has worked hard to make us feel at home.  We have an American Chef here who is fantastic.  He is mixing our favorites in with Chinese cuisine.  Breakfast has your choice of ready to order omelets, toast from freshly baked bread, bacon, an array of fresh fruits, cereals and my favorite coffee.  The best dish I have had so far is the sweet and sour shrimp, butterflied prawns in a tempura batter with the best sauce I have ever tasted, mmm good.

The athlete lounge has wireless Internet, table tennis (ping pong), bowling alley, lounge area, dominoes, playing cards, a variety of board games and of course snacks.  I have been playing a lot of dominoes and spades.  Trying my best not to hurt anyone’s feelings, the games can get intense.  But not as intense as the ping pong games those have been fierce.  Check out latest video of a ping-pong war.

We even have a movie theater lounge with lazy boy style chairs and movies playing all day long.  Tonight we are going to have an opening ceremonies viewing party for those of us not marching in the ceremony.

The medical training room is top notch.  We have a great team of athletic trainers, massage therapist and chiropractors keeping us healthy and ready to go each day.  And of course every-one’s favorite a giant ICE Bath for recovery.   There is a nice indoor pool, hot tub and sauna.

I know you saw the video of our awesome training facility.  My training has been going really well and I am excited to start competing next week.  Here are some pictures of our adventures so far.  We went on an outing one day this week and found a Starbucks, MMM GOOD!


Journey to China

August 1, 2008

frontchina.jpgThere has been a lot of bright spots in my travel to China.  While we were in California processing for 2 days I was able to see 2 of my close friends from College(University of Washington), Soozie McDonald and Monique Hollowell.   It was nice to be able to have some face to face time with friends, we don’t get hang out very often.  We got to catch up on life and share baby stories as we are all first time moms.

My training partner Kristin Heaston is from the area and I was able to meet and hang out with her family as well.  Her Mom(Marsha) cooked a great meal of tacos and strawberry shortcake.  Heaston tacos with ketchup is Kristin’s favorite meal. I met her Grandparents, Uncle & Aunt, cousins, sister, brother in law, and nephew Steven, who is adorable.

Steven who is only 2 years old.  Helped me make a Build-A-Bear for my son Theo to have while I am out of town for the Olympics.  We picked out a bear and I made some voice recordings for each of the paws, so Theo can hear my voice whenever he wants.  Then we had the bear stuffed, after the stuffing the bears heart has to be put in.  Steven was very kind to help pick out the heart and warm it up with love with for his buddy baby Theo.  At Build-A-Bear  each of the kids are encouraged to warm up a heart for each bear made there.  Then we had to take to bear to the wash station at which time, Steven was so excited to clean the bear up.  The made sure his armpits, and feet were especially clean.

After all of the travel I am finally in China and made it to training camp.    Here are a few pictures from the trip so far.

china2.jpg     china3.jpg